About Clarivate VIVO Sandbox

The VIVO Sandbox is a researcher profiling system that hosts searchable expertise for faculty and organizations by gathering data sourced from Web of Science and Converis. The data is compiled into a profile that best represents your organization’s expertise and helps your organization to:

  • Showcase your research to the world
  • Improve the discoverability of scholarly expertise
  • Enhance the scholarly identity of researchers and
  • Facilitate new research collaborations

Clarivate is a Certified VIVO Partner. As a service provider, we offer services to help institutions install, implement, customize, and brand their sites. For more information, examples of our work, and contact information, visit https://clarivate.com/products/vivo/.


The approach builds upon the VIVO installation from TAMU that delivers

  • 1. enhanced discovery of expertise to help form collaborative teams or highlight our research to society
  • 2. support accreditation and other organizational activities through the generation of custom reports using our SQL database, and
  • 3. characterize research at Texas A&M, such as identifying areas of strength in interdisciplinary research, that can be used for strategic decision making.


The Clarivate VIVO Sandbox includes

  • 1. Enhanced User Experience: modern, mobile- and user-friendly interface. Added data, menu and export options are now available to the user.
  • 2. Enhanced search functions to support research collaboration. Users can now browse and narrow search results using different categories (e.g., departments, research areas, etc.). This allows users to easily find potential collaborators for researchers and centers.

Integrated Data

The Clarivate VIVO Sandbox includes

  • 1. Clean author profiles through Author Match Service. To overcome the burden of maintaining and validating author data (enter link)
  • 2. Integrated connectors to Converis. To showcase data from your research information system

The VIVO team at Clarivate continues to explore novel approaches to showcase research to the world.

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Search Tips

  • Searches are not case-sensitive
  • Type keywords using AND or OR logic (AND or OR must be capitalized)
    • eg., nutrition AND protein
    • eg., nutrition OR protein
  • Type your phrase with double quotation marks
    • eg., "glucose absorption"
    • eg., "glucose absorption" AND nutrition
  • Use wildcard * character to search variations
    • eg., bio*
About the Project

Scholars is a system provided by the Clarivate. It is an implementation of the open-source VIVO networking tool, developed at Cornell University.