Joshua Zimmerberg trained in Developmental Enzymology, General Physiology, Membrane Biophysics and Neuroscience, and Cell Biology and early Development, with Olga Greengard, Alan Finkelstein, Adrian Parsegian, David Epel, and Daniel Mazia. He builds teams of researchers to vigorously pursue the deeper understanding of membrane fusion, fission, phase, hydration, curvature, and poration as manifested in syncytia formation, cellular secretion, calcium homeostasis, collagen synthesis, viral infection, fertilization, organelle shape, protein translocation, channel architecture, toxoplasma entry. Having initiated studies on the long-_term deep tissue and dynamic single molecule microscopy of living cell membranes, he focuses on pathological processes in HIV, apoptosis, malaria, sickle cell, insulin resistance, influenza, embryonic stem cell differentiation, and the effects of microgravity intercellular communications. He is currently developing new models for the study of pathogenesis in cancer initiation and invasion, musculodystrophy, lipid droplet formation, viral assembly, and the proteomic imaging of signaling pathways for developmental control of growth and metastasis. In NICHD, he is the head of the Program in Physical Biology, the chief of the Section of Membrane and Cellular Biophysics, and the director of the NASA/NIH Center for Three-_Dimensional Tissue Culture.

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