Soo Teck Lee individual record
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Academic Articles23
  • (2020). Highest Weight Vectors in Plethysms. Communications in Mathematical Physics. 378(3), 1817-1841.
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  • (2020). Standard Bases for Tensor Products of Exterior Powers. Algebras and Representation Theory. 23(3), 715-738.
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  • (2018). Skew Pieri algebras of the general linear group. Journal of Mathematical Physics. 59(12), 121702.
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  • (2017). A reciprocity law and the skew Pieri rule for the symplectic group. Journal of Mathematical Physics. 58(3), 031702.
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  • (2017). Double Pieri algebras and iterated Pieri algebras for the classical groups. American Journal of Mathematics. 139(2), 347-401.
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