Sullivan, Nancy J., Ph.D. individual record
Senior Investigator
  • Senior Investigator, Biodefense Research Section

Dr. Sullivan received her Ph.D. in cell biology/retrovirology from Harvard University in 1997. She received her master of science in environmental engineering in 1989, also from Harvard University. Dr. Sullivan was appointed as a tenure-track investigator and promoted to the position of chief, BRS, at the Vaccine Research Center in 2004.

Ebola virus infection is a highly lethal disease for which there are no effective therapeutic or preventive treatments. Consequently, work with these viruses requires highly specialized BSL-4 containment. Dr. Sullivan is a leader in the field and has personally conducted many of the most critical experiments. Her work on filovirus immunology and vaccine development is widely considered as one of the very best in the filovirus field and, in spite of the difficulties associated with access to a BSL-4 laboratory, her work has consistently been the source of novel observations.

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