Dr. Wentzensen received an M.D. from the University of Heidelberg in 2000. He trained in general surgery and conducted research in surgical oncology in the Department of Surgery, University of Heidelberg from 2000-2002. From 2002-2007, Dr. Wentzensen earned his Ph.D. (Habilitation) in Applied Tumor Biology at the Institute of Pathology, University of Heidelberg. During this time, he conducted research in molecular biology, molecular pathology, and molecular epidemiology of cervical cancer. He built a research group focusing on cervical cancer biomarker discovery and validation and established a diagnostic laboratory for cervical cancer screening. From 2005-2007, he earned a Master of Epidemiology at the University of Mainz. Dr. Wentzensen joined DCEG as a visiting fellow in 2007, became a tenure-track investigator in 2009, and was awarded scientific tenure by the NIH and appointed senior investigator in 2013.

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